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If she’s wearing something interesting, tease her gently about it. Tell her you’re tired of talking about your job…you’d rather talk about an ultra-cool experience you just had. Whether it’s because he’s nervous, insecure, or just hasn’t planned ahead, I can’t tell you how many men tell me that they ask questions like, “So…how do you think it’s going? In his FREE “Dating Secrets newsletter,” David shares his most powerful tools and advice for sparking ATTRACTION on the first date and beyond.

And if you make a poor first impression you may never have a chance to make another one. There is very little I like more than a person who concentrates exclusively on me. In either case, why should I see or talk to you again?

If nothing else, you'll be confident that you look polished and put-together, so you can focus on the interaction instead of your insecurities.

It helps, too, to master your own "signature style." For example, I met date #14 at a fancy bar in the financial district of San Francisco.

Dropping a :-) in a message is good, but a :( is really, really bad. Failing all that, just become a skinny, 25-year-old churchgoing, dog-owning drunk.

And the stakes are never higher than when you’ve just met a great woman that you might share the rest of your life with, right?

The easiest way to do that is to speak to her as if you want to have fun — as if she’s a FRIEND instead of a potential employer. If she ever draws back away from you, never “chase” her by leaning in. During conversation, look around the room a little to break the tension.

After the first “hello” moments of the date, feel free to take the usual conversation topics (careers, movies, whatever) and redirect the conversation in a way that creates FUN instead of TENSION and STIFFNESS. Acclaimed “Double Your Dating” author David De Angelo has cracked the “secret code” as to why some men effortlessly move on to great second dates — while most experience just one painful first date after another.

Because online dating doesn’t give us a wealth of material with which to sell ourselves beyond strategically-lit photos and witty messages, we’re often punished for even the smallest of oversights: a single misused “their” instead of “they’re” suddenly becomes a dealbreaker; one photo taken from a slightly unflattering angle sends you straight into the dating slush pile; and an incorrectly used semicolon? The various advice we’ve received courtesy of Science hasn’t exactly been helpful either. You’d better make sure your profile photos show you outdoors if you’re a guy, but insid.

Girl selfies are a plus, but guy selfies are a total turnoff. Make prominent use of the color blue in your pictures, because people like blue.

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This guy had carefully optimized every possible facet of his various online dating personas to maximize the likelihood a girl would like what she saw upon visiting his profile — or at least like it enough to send or respond to a message.

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