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(When it rains, says Parker, it has a faint smell of manure.) The Victorian house feels at once creepy and beautiful, as the sun streams around the faded porch columns.

And, as Parker wanted, the scene definitely feels incongruous — a crumbling rural home above a venerable museum, flanked by lush greenery and sleek skyscrapers.

When approached to create an installation for the rooftop, Parker was “very daunted because the skyline is so amazing,” she says, so she wanted to create something architecturally incongruous.

While researching old structures, Parker came across Edward Hopper’s painting House by the Railroad (1925)… (Photos by Rebecca Zeller, a photographer and friend who also wrote the post 10 Surprising Things About Parenting in Norway.

To consider the functional role of clay pipes, it is necessary to challenge the twin assumptions that clay pipe fragments in the archaeological record automatically represent use-related discard and that clay pipes were used solely for the consumption of tobacco.

By doing this, it is possible to link practice in the present (the study of clay pipes) with meaningful practice in the past (smoking and the consumption of tobacco).

Ideal for the pipe connoisseur as well as beginners and those just venturing in to the pipe smoking world.

Reich Attorney, Agent, or Firm Eisenman, Allsopp & Strack [57] ABSTRACT A tobacco pipe smoking system wherein a pipe and tobacco capsule are mutually designed to yield a slimline smoking combination that can be manufactured from relatively low temperature thermoplastic materials. The bowl is designed to support the capsule spaced from the inner walls and includes a tunnel extending across the bottom thereof.

The capsule comprises a charge of particulate smoking tobacco within a sheath of imperforate incombustible sheet material, having a passage through the bottom thereof.

The capsule may include a filter surmounted by a wafer located between the charge and the: bottom passage in one embodiment, and a circuitous air space in place of the wafer, in another.

15 Claims, 11 Drawing Figures PAIENIED FEB] 91924 sum 1 0r 2 INVENTOR MELVIN A.

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