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When comedian Wanda Sykes told talk show host Ellen De Generes that she had seen a black slave ghost in the Jefferson Hotel last summer, Sykes confessed that she didn’t want people to think she was “crazy.” But Sykes need not have fretted on that score.

Pew Research Center polling has found that 18 percent of Americans say they have seen a ghost or been in close proximity to one, and 29 percent claim they have “felt in touch with someone who has died.” Sociologist Claude Fischer notes, as well, citing Gallup surveys, that: “Over one-third [of Americans] say they believe in the spirits of the dead coming back; about that many also say they believe in haunted houses.” Masses of people who believe in ghosts, together with non-believers or partial-believers, participate in the cultural phenomenon of ghost tourism, in which stories about supernatural encounters in the very places where they are said to have occurred draw large crowds with wide-open wallets.

Outside the BDSM community, the relationship of Master/slave is sometimes regarded as a form of consensual sexual slavery. The Master/slave relationship refers to the relationship between the individuals involved, and does not necessarily require any specific acts, sexual or otherwise, though sexual activity is usually an aspect of the relationship.

But while Sykes said she urged her visitor from beyond the grave to “go scare white people.While male "masters" will usually be referred to as "Master", whether or not female Masters are referred to as "Master" or "Mistress" may depend upon whether they identify as following the "Leather" or BDSM path.The Master/slave (or owner/property) relationship is entered into on a consensual basis, without the legal force of historical or modern non-consensual slavery, that is forbidden by the laws of most countries.According to those who lead these spectral experiences and tourism scholars who study them, ghost tours are supposed to be “light” and “fun,” allowing participants to escape into a fantasy world, to experience a hidden and often forbidden side of history, and to feel the thrills of hearty frights and cultural taboos while resting assured that they are secure in the realm of the safe and the living.But this public frenzy for apparitional visitations has some historians concerned that in iconic American places, ghost tours have overtaken historical tours, replacing fact with fiction and trivializing consequential issues.

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Humorist Andy Borowitz read the letter recently and called it, in an email to The Associated Press, 'something Twain would have been proud to have written'. Patrick Henry Anderson, who apparently wanted Jordan to come back to the plantation east of Nashville, the letter begins cheerfully, with the former slave expressing relief that 'you had not forgotten Jordon' (there are various spellings of the name) and were 'promising to do better for me than anybody else can'.

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