James cameron nigerian dating scam

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Nigeria Elizabeth Olumese 10 Allen Street Ikeja Lagos Nigeria 23401 Emeka Chukwu Lagos Nigeria 23401 Emmanuel A. Kubi 10 Kojo Thompson Road Accra, Ghana Eunice Jones Lagos, Nigeria 23401 Fait Adams 102 Allen Avenue Ikeja Lagos Nigeria Faith Sophy Omofoma 20 Airport Road Ikeja, Nigeria 23401 Fasola Idowu 10 Adeyemi Street Agege, Lagos, 23401 Nigeria Fati Sambo P O Box 121 Accra, North Ghana Femi Jonshon 2, Walter Carrington Crescent Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria, 23401 Fidelis Omoifo 1 Ikeju Street Obanikoro, Lagos, Nigeria Flora James 48 Ijaiye Road, Ojokoro Lagos, Nigeria 23401 Freddy Seymour 21 Eniola Adesanya Street Ikeja, Lagos 23401 Frederick Chalson 24 Adeyemo, Alakija Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria Friday Fred Aminu 91 Allen Ave Ikeja Lagos, Nigeria Funmilola Alade Glover Road 12 Ikoyi Lagos Nigeria Gary Maxwell 32 Ojodu Abiodun Road Ojodu, Ikeja, Lagos, 23401 Nigeria George Pickey 312 Longwond Ave Accra Ghana 00233 Gigeo Osuji largos Nigeria ikeja 24301 Godwin Sunday 22 Toyin Street Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria, 23401 Grace John 211 Medical Rd Ikeja Lagos Nigeria Gregory David #102 Murtala Airport Complex Ikeja, Lagos, 23401, Nigeria Habeeb Ayodeji 29 Okelewo Rd.

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Lagos Nigeria 23401 Ajayi Olarewaju Lagos Nigeria 23401 Akande Michael 20 Unity Close Lagos, Nigeria 23401 Akinleye O Akinyode 7 Airport Road Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria 23401 Akubuike A.

Samson house 37 AA street federal housing estate Moshalashi, Ipaja, Lagos, Nigeria Alex Owogold 32 Allen Avenune Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria 23401 Alex Owogold 34 Allen Ave Ikeja, Lagos Nigeria 23401 Alfred Njoku Lagos, Nigeria 23401 Alowonle Olalekan Ikorodu, Lagos State, Nigeria, 23401 Ama Oforiwaa 3rd Avenue, Gbawe Accra, Ghana 23321 Amosu John Oluwafemi street 2, Bola oshifesho street cele Bus Stop egbe Ikotun Egbe 23401 Lagos State Nigeria Andrew Brandon 44 Craigs Street Ikoyi Lagos Nigeria 23401 Animashaun M.

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