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Ride or restore machine for which we have the NOVA form and dating letter present. A 1976 made Benelli 2C 250cc classic motorbike in good overall condition.

Runs very nicely and would be an easy project, , Nationwide Delivery Available. Similar Bikes Always Required., Great Quality Used Bikes from M&S - Call...

These jackets have a snug, almost tailored fit, which is suited for motorcycle riding but are short by today's standards. Neck label is rectangular, black with Perfecto App U. Genuine Horsehide Front Quarter - Style Quality printed in gold letters.

The 613 and 618 Perfectos have been produced for more than 50 years, so finding out when a vintage jacket was made can be difficult. TALON main and cuff zippers and 'Miter' belt buckle (rectangular with mitered corners). 60° angle and breast pocket at a 50° angle, zippers close up.

It is said to be the first such jacket designed to feature a zipper and came to define the look of motorcycle jackets since Schott Bros later manufactured a very similar jacket for the Beck label, which he was previously a representative, called the Beck 333 Northeaster and in the late 1940s, Schott Bros introduced a new jacket based on the original Perfecto design called the 613.

In the event of a breakdown you want to make sure you have international coverage and also know what numbers and companies to get in touch with.

Make sure you check the finer details of what the policy actually covers • Plan your journey.

Some sat navs do not function internationally and unless you have a lot of data it can be costly using your phone as a navigation system.

Its popularity and connection to The Wild One movie led to it being banned from sale in many districts of the England and USA Jackets are made out of steerhide. Stitching on collar and lapels is placed at the same distance from edge. Size tag still on lower edge, white with red numbers. Schott NYC appears on neck label, small white size tag with black letters directly to the right of neck label, tag with American flag and Made in U. A directly to the right of neck label (under small white size tag). Schott (YKK) main zipper, EMAR cuff zippers and rectangular belt buckle with oval sides. Lining goes all the way down inside of jackets, leather sleeve plackets. Style 118 is updated to a fuller fit, 613/618 retain original slim fit. Style 118 is fitted with new chrome pocket zippers with different pulls (Schott recently switched back to the original chain zipper pulls) and a snap under the belt buckle to prevent it from damaging the gas tank.

How would your bike look with a ghastly yellow and black "Q" plate. The information given below is the best guide we can give and was compiled with the aid of original factory records.

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Whilst we are all looking to have a great trip, and occasionally things go wrong and we have to be prepared.

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