Updating java on mac

You can download the Java installer here: Official Apple download: Java for OS X After downloading the file, open the .

PKG file named Why not install the latest version of Java available from Oracle?

Java, a Web plug-in that was once ubiquitous but is dropping out of use in favor of HTML5, is still a valid security concern for Mac users.

Chris explained why browser plug-ins are the worst security problems plaguing the Web today Web browsers have become much more secure and hardened against attack over the years.

If you're running the latest version of Java, you'll be met with a cheery success message.

Otherwise, you'll be provided with an alert instructing you to download an up-to-date version.

Unfortunately, Java often gets confused with Java Script.Java for OS X is now maintained and updated by Oracle.You can get a newer version of Java from Oracle, but it may cause incompatibility issues with your web browsers and other programs on your Mac. Once the installation process has successfully completed, you will see the following confirmation screen. However, this doesn’t mean that Macs are impenetrable.

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