Who is brenda song dating right now

While that is juicy enough, we all seemed to forget about it when pictures of the two of them surfaced. Everyone assumed she got an abortion or had a miscarriage...until now.

It turns out that Brenda may have fabricated the entire story of her pregnancy and miscarriage.

He made himself very much well known when he was listed in the top players in the 2016 class.

He has played the superb basketball at the college years from the side of Duke University.

That's right, they may not be confirming anything else, but they are confirming this: Trace Cyrus and Brenda Song are engaged!

The couple, who began dating in spring 2010 and who, at least at last check, are expecting their first child together, revealed the happy news on (where else? There's still been no official word from Song—not that one is really needed—but it was the 23-year-old Disney star herself who sparked speculation of her marital status this morning, when photos emerged of her wearing what appeared (and has since been proven) to be an engagement ring. Who knew being the former frontman of Metro Station paid so well?

) Twitter this afternoon."I am very excited to say, last week I asked my girlfriend Brenda Song to marry me and she said YES! No wedding date has yet been announced for the couple, which makes two unknowns for the young duo. News back in August that Brenda was pregnant, last month her mother Mai Song reportedly (grain of salt alert) spoke to , and adamantly declared that her daughter is "actually not pregnant."For her part, Song has taken pains to maintain a low profile (save for today's bling-baring excursion), and when she has appeared in public, it's always been under the protection of some pretty baggy clothes.

That son got too much popularity and after that in the year of 2008 he featured in a song called Hovering on the Miley Cyrus album named Breakout in the deluz edition and also appeared in the music video of the song named Song said a Prayers for the lead single for Billy Ray’s album.Talking more about Trace Cyrus, the singer was known to be a member of the band called “Metro Station”.Recently, he has formed his own band called “Ashland High”.The couple has been known dating for quite a lot of months already.Their first appearance as a couple was back in May of 2012 when Brenda Song boyfriend Trace Cyrus accompanied the actress on a red carpet.

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