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With Derek gone, this season will hopefully bring a lot of personal growth for Meredith, who we as the viewers have never known outside of her relationship with Mc Dreamy.

Ellen Pompeo is a hell of an actress, and this will give her more moments to stretch and shine.

But production issues plagued the show and viewership began to decline. She calls herself "spoiled" by having been in some of Hollywood's most successful and memorable movies early in her career, including "Thelma and Louise," "A League of Their Own," "The Fly," and "Beetlejuice.""I got to play so many cool parts," she said.

"I had a terrible time getting over that show getting canceled, actually," Davis, 60, told Business Insider when we sat with the actress in August. "There’s not many female actors who got to be a baseball phenomenon and a road warrior, an amnesiac, an assassin, a pirate captain, and then the president, so I really got spoiled and felt like I don’t want to just take some boring part.

An eyewitness who spotted the new couple at the Fred Segal store in Hollywood tells the Globe, "Jeff was all over Lydia...

He flew in The Fly, chased dinosaurs across Jurassic Park and saved the world in Independence Day. But enough about me, he tells Esther Walker, let's talk about you Film stars are supposed to be smaller in real life than you think they'll be, but Jeff Goldblum measures fully 6ft 4.5in tall.Callie (Sara Ramirez) also got to explore what it meant to stand on her own, and found a passion for helping disabled vets.Maybe this season will allow both women to step more into the spotlight.Despite being devastated by the cancellation of her first television series, 2005's "Commander-in-Chief," Geena Davis is back a decade later on Fox's "The Exorcist," which premieres Friday at 9 p.m.On "Commander-in-Chief," she played the first female president on the ABC drama, which was initially celebrated by critics and viewers alike. And various elements caused it not to be renewed, but it was a fantastic experience."Davis admits she's picky about the roles she takes.

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